Sandblasting - Grit Blasting

Obtaining all the grades guaranteed by the reference standards and using garnet, metal or glass grit according to the work to be performed. We are able to carry out all types of testing (rugo-test, replica tape, ...) with suitable instruments to verify the degree of roughness obtained after the sandblasting process.

The different types of sandblasting


Corundum has an exceptional ability to rapidly abrade any type of material..

Types and grain sizes allow to obtain the degree of engraving suitable for every need.

The product is non-toxic and does not contain substances harmful to health.


Garnet is composed of Almandite granules, one of the hardest and most tenacious minerals known.

It is a chemically inert material, free of free silica and any toxic metal and therefore guarantees a safe working environment with reduced disposal costs.


Metal grits is one of the types of universal shot suitable for all applications.

It is used both for compressed air or turbine sandblasting and for shot peening and in general for the treatment of any type of surface.


Glass microspheres are used for sandblasting and shot peening of metals.

This material does not cause material removal and does not affect the treated surfaces.

The glass microspheres are inert and do not release unwanted components during use.