Application of Epoxy and Polyurethane Thermosetting Resins

River srl performs treatments with thermosets.

To do this, the company has two BIMIXERS, one programmed for the processing of POLYURETHANE (Protegole UT 32 55 R) and the other for EPOXY THERMOSETTING RESIME (CARBOGUARD 101).

These machines are managed directly by River staff and are finely adjustable according to the brands of the products present in the specifications or chosen by the Customers.

River s.r.l. it has Snam qualification for underground and above ground valves.

The different types of treatments with resins


This treatment is particularly suitable for artifacts and structures exposed to atmospheric agents or hostile environments.


This treatment has been formulated to be applied to valves and pipes to be buried, suitable for transporting gas and resisting corrosion caused by stray currents present in the subsoil. It guarantees excellent characteristics of resistance and mechanical smoothness