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About Us

The RIVER S.R.L. is a company that deals with blasting of iron and metals and coatings in the industry.
The RIVER S.R.L. created by culture and knowledge in the engineering sector, elements inherited from years of learning and production.
The RIVER SRL, in fact, forms the basis of its know - how of the company thanks to the Ns. Previous work has always been linked to this sector, which currently appears to be booming because of the substantial and continuing increases in the cost of extraction and imports of iron (and metals in general), which led to a reassessment of the resources already present in our country.
The choice and the decision of change of Ns. production facility has also been designed to take a strategic position in Lombardy; insediandoci on Old Vallassina, in the Municipality of Nova Milanese, we moved closer to the Ns. customers than ever, many of whom have their activities in the area, but we also placed a great crossroads of communication in order to facilitate and expedite the flow of raw materials, products to be processed and finished products.
The ns. work is based on the concept of Quality Management (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000) since 2000 and, with our experience, we have obtained the inclusion of some of the Ns. Snam productions at the Section (Section Network Section Network oil and gas), but we are in the process of obtaining certification Snam to become direct suppliers in other sections.
The ns. manufacturing engineers, through the purchase of new plant and blasting N. 3 booths, organized a completely new production cycle, so as to maximize the scheme offered by the new machines, not only to improve production times, but also to obtain a high quality finished product.
All this added usage goes, always to paint and corrosion products with basic technical characteristics to meet the needs of working cycles required by all the Ns. customers. We use manufacturers such as Apsa, International, Hempel, Turns, Akzo Nobel, MMD, etc.. ....
The ns. labor force is also composed of staff who was born and raised in Ns. reality and we have made ​​it increasingly more sophisticated over the years.
To constantly check the entire production process within the ns. company, we also decided to obtain the qualification of inspector of corrosion protection at the INAC (National Institute of Corrosion). Thanks to attending this course, fully recognized at the national level, we can provide our. customers a service of internal testing.
All these components allow us to be much more competitive in the market both from a qualitative point of view and from the point of supply.
Given the wide variety of ferrous materials to be treated and, especially, considering the huge amount of technical work required by the various customers, we are fully ready to put quotes according to requirements.